Nayo Thomas

Coordinator of Operations & Special Events



Nayo serves as Coordinator of Operations and Special Events with the Global Learning Network. Prior to joining the America Achieves team, she worked for the United States Air Force at Buckley Air Force Base and at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Denver, Colorado. She then continued her work for nonprofits, working for the National Association of Black Cardiologists and the Henry Stimson Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament in Washington, DC. Nayo attended Howard University in Washington DC, where she double majored in Political Science and Business. During college, Nayo fell in love with education after she interned with Jumpstart and Head Start as a team leader. Interacting with parents and teachers, as well as teaching in the classroom with the prekindergarten and preschool age students, helped her revisit the importance of public education. In her spare time, Nayo loves skiing and dearly misses the mountains of her home state of Colorado.


What draws you to the work of America Achieves?
I love the passion that everyone has about the future of public education at America Achieves. I believe working at America Achieves will allow me the chance to grow and evolve and gain a better understanding of education reform.

What do we most need to focus on to improve the lives of America’s youth?
To improve the lives of America’s youth, we must focus on education and family engagement. If youth do not have a good support system that encourages them to do more and tells them that anything is possible, then it will be harder for youth to be successful in the future.