Rehva Jones

Senior Director of the Global Learning Network



Rehva Jones is a Senior Director for America Achieves, leading and growing the Global Learning Network. The Global Learning Network is a professional learning community of state, district and school educators using the results from the OECD Test for Schools to drive school improvement. Rehva has broad based expertise in organizational development, data-driven performance and evaluation. Remaining passionate about the importance of equity in higher education, Rehva continues to support first-generation college students as a faculty member of the Trinity Washington University teaching undergraduate and graduate business related courses as well as the University of the District of Columbia’s Community College providing instruction in foundational mathematics courses.

Rehva received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Organizational Management from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY and a Masters of Business Administration from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.  She is also a Certified Public Manager through the George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Municipal Management.


What draws you to the work of America Achieves?

A high-quality, equitable public education experience is a non-negotiable for all young people. Outstanding teachers and principals are integral components of children’s lives, so they must be supported to the greatest extent possible. America Achieves provides an opportunity to build networks of dedicated and passionate educators to systemically move the needle on student success.

What do we most need to focus on to improve the lives of America’s youth?

We must ensure that every classroom and each school in this country is led by transformational teachers and principals. These individuals will hold our young people to a higher bar, developing strong foundations of learning that will sustain them throughout their lives.