Our History

In 2012, America Achieves launched, in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), the Global Learning Network, a learning community of educators and district leaders who administered the OECD Test for Schools and were committed to excellence and improvement in their schools as well as sharing with and learning from others. Based on the international PISA test, the OECD Test for Schools was developed to meet the demand, from teachers and school leaders, for a tool that provides internationally comparable performance results as well as tangible insights on how to leverage improvements. The Global Learning Network was created with a vision of facilitating school improvement and supporting global conversations about educational quality.

Since 2012, America Achieves helped grow the community and number of schools taking the OECD Test for Schools to 473 schools across the United States and worked with district and school leaders to create a vibrant Global Learning Network. The Global Learning Network has supported these schools with seminars, regional meetings, and annual convenings to help schools deepen their understanding of their results and to make practice shifts to improve student outcomes by learning from global best practices. In November 2015, the Global Learning Network welcomed international school and school system leaders to the annual convenings, with representatives from Wales, Spain, and Japan in attendance.

To support broad impact for students and schools, the Global Learning Network is now partnering with OECD to focus on a core aspect of the original mission of the network -- bringing together educators from world-leading schools domestically and globally to share insights, resources and best practices for continually improving student success and education in and beyond participating schools and school systems. The Global Learning Network will focus on supporting a network of schools and systems in the U.S. and globally that are world-leading schools. This will include schools that are fueling high levels of student achievement, rapidly improving, or developing innovative approaches to aligning student outcomes to needed local labor market skills. The Global Learning Network will help ground educators and school system leaders in the rapid changes in the economy and implications for the future of work and skills to ensure students have the education and skills to access jobs and opportunities in the 21st century economy while also developing a network of schools that share and learn from best practices to improve education not just in, but well beyond, their schools.