Our Mission and the Unique Supports We Offer

The Global Learning Network (GLN) is America Achieves' community of district and school leaders. Each of these leaders has elected to compare his or her school or district to global standards by taking the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA), and is leveraging results to inform actions designed to improve student outcomes. The GLN supports these school and district leaders by providing a menu of options in which they can elect to engage. We selected these options based on member feedback and we are constantly adjusting the support we provide based on feedback to ensure continuous improvement. These supports include:

  • Access to a community of school and district leaders dedicated to comparing their performance to and learning from world-class systems.
  • Access to video case studies enting best practices in world-leading schools.
  • Virtual convenings that highlight concrete actions schools have taken in response to assessment results and the practices that have contributed to world-leading performance at schools.
  • Regional meetings that bring together school and district leaders across school systems to deepen understanding of results, share best practices, and identify actions to be taken in response to results to improve student outcomes.
  • An annual conference where hundreds of leaders gather to deepen their understanding of their results, learn about best practices, make connections with peers involved in this work, and gather information to identify actions to take to improve student outcomes.