Actions Members are Taking in Response

to Their OECD Test for Schools Results

Congratulations on receiving your OECD Test for Schools report! As a participant in the assessment, you have taken the first step towards ensuring your students are prepared for the global economy. But with more than 100 pages of data and information at your fingertips, it can be daunting to figure out what to do next.

To help you translate your results into concrete actions, we’ve collected best practices and advice from leading schools across the country. In this section, you’ll find information ranging from how to build stakeholder support for the OECD Test for Schools, to how to improve student results in mathematics, to fostering instrumental motivation. All of the ideas in this section come directly from your peers: school leaders who are using international benchmarks to improve outcomes for their students.

Use this section to get ideas and inspiration for your own improvement efforts.

How to Use This Section

  • Determine your school’s opportunities for improvement
  • Visit the relevant pages for best practices and advice
  • Review the case studies referenced at the bottom of each page for more details

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